Soft Wash Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Is dirt, mildew, mold and grime build up robbing your property of the beauty it once had? You need a professional cleaner to restore the real value of your investment.

Eco Roofing & More, LLC is a licensed external cleaning company in Sarasota Florida offering residential and commercial non-pressure roof cleaning, soft washing and pressure washing services. We clean everything including driveways parking lots, garage floors, pavers, patios, curbing, sidewalks, roofs, floors, decks, dumpsters, and much more.

We only use professional equipment, and our cleaning products are eco-friendly. Make your property great again. Try us today, and we will restore your investment to its natural condition in no time.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Q&A

  • What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

    Soft Wash Roof cleaning is a process that cleans the roof at a very low pressure thus protecting it from damage. We use a cleaning solution that acts on algae, mold and other unwanted stains giving your roof a new sparkling look.

  • Are the Chemicals Safe for my Plants?

    When used in small doses the solution will not cause any harm to your plants. Nevertheless, we always make a point of covering all plants, trees and shrubs before starting the cleaning process to protect them from coming into contact with the cleaning solution.

  • Will Pressure Washing Damage My property?

    We are aware that high pressure may damage surfaces during cleaning; that’s why we use lower pressure and more water while cleaning delicate surfaces in your home or commercial property. It allows us to get rid of the algae, mold and other stains without causing any damage.

  • Do I need to be at the Location?

    You can stay and watch the process if you like or you can use the home or commercial building during the cleaning process. You can also leave the home or commercial property if you need to as we do the work. It is entirely up to you.

  • When Can I Expect To See Results?

    We don’t demand that you leave the property as we work. You can decide either to stay and watch as we clean your home or commercial property or to leave the premises until we are done with the cleanup exercise. It is up to you to decide.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    Prices start as low as $69.00 and if You are a Veteran You will get a discount on all our services so Call Today!

We Offer Commercial and Residential Services

Commercial Cleaning

Eco Roofing & More, LLC is licensed and insured to clean a two-story commercial property. We cater for a wide range of business clients including apartment complexes, churches, large paved walkways, storefronts, malls and other shopping centers.

Residential Cleaning

We can make your home look completely brand new by giving it a fresh and new exterior look from your driveways and walkways right to the roof top. We have state of the art equipment and cleaning agents who will quickly restore your home to its original shine.

What Sets Us Apart?

We offer a 3 Year Guarantee on all our surface cleaning work. If the mold, mildue stains, or algee come back before the end of the three years, we will come back and clean the surface again for FREE!

Pressure or Power Washing Services

You can restore the original exterior look of your home or business property with our fast and safe pressure washing. It cleans hard surfaces such as concrete, curbing, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. The high-pressure cleaning ranges between 3000-4000PSI and can be used to clean hard surfaces like bricks, concrete, pavers or metal.

The Standard Washing Pressure ranges between 1500-2500PSI. It is used to clean homes, aluminum, Pool Cages, gutters soffit, fences, mobile homes and Patios. Our Pressure Washing Services Include the Following:

High Pressure Cleaning
Pressure between 3000-4000PSI used for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, pavers or metal

Standard Washing
Pressure Between 1500-2500PSI for cleaning Homes, Pool Cages, Aluminum, Soffit, Gutters, Mobile Homes, Fences, and Patio’s

Why Choose Eco Roof Clean & More, LLC?

Our no pressure roof cleaning service will leave your roof looking brand new. We will gently rinse away mold, algae and other unwanted stains that have built up over the years without causing any damage to the surfaces.

Our pressure cleaning service will produce results that are second to none! We will take our time and ensure that your property regains its lost natural beautiful and consequently gains back the value it once possessed.

At Eco Roofing & More, LLC, we understand that your house is probably the most important investment you will ever make. That’s why we take great pride in the work we do. Your home is a reflection of yourself. Let us clean the exterior of your residential or commercial property, and all your friends, neighbors and visitors will notice the difference. Do you need professional pressure cleaning services in Sarasota, Florida? Contact us today by filling our online form and get a free estimate!

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Prices for services start as low as $69.00!
Veterans Get a discount on all of our services!
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